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About Us
"Discover Proven Techniques to Reach Your Full Potential and Become Healthy, Wealthy & Financially Free in 3 Years or Less"

If someone told you that you only had 3 years left to live, what would you do to ensure that your life was a success?

Do you know the answer to this question? Does it require you to think for more than 1 minute about the answer? If you don't immediately know the answer to this question, then this website is for you.

Let me ask you another question. What is your definition of success? You need to answer this question in order to know the answer to the first question I asked. If you don't really know what success means to you, then how would you know what you have to do to be a success after 3 years?

Most people go through life absorbing all kinds of myths about what it takes to be successful and taking life for granted. They assume that their current path will lead them to success and that everything will just fall in to place one day. They assume that one day their "big break" will come along… that they'll hit the jackpot sooner or later and everything will be OK.

The fact that you are reading this, tells me that you are looking for a better way to live your life. You want to be successful and you are interested in finding a way to make that happen.

"Remember that happiness is a way of travel - not a destination."
- Roy M. Goodman

Happiness is a way of travel. This is one of my favourite quotes. Very often in trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives, we feel unhappy, stressed out, tired, burnt out, confused… can you relate? I'm sure you can.

Finding the energy to make it through the obstacles that will inevitably present themselves as you try to achieve success can be daunting at times. It is a struggle to remain happy when things don't go as planned or when one sure-fire plan fails and another has to be put into place.

When I talk about remaining happy, I don't mean that you should walk around grinning from ear to ear no matter what happens in your life… most people would probably think you were crazy (so would I)! No, I'm talking about being happy at heart, knowing that even though obstacles present themselves at times, you will accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do.

In other words, life doesn't get you down. Life doesn't push you around. You view failures as stepping stones to success and you keenly learn from every challenge that comes along.

This is integral in building a solid foundation - convincing yourself that you are successful today, even though you have not reached your ultimate destination as yet.

That's why we created this website - to give you all the tools you need to:

  1. Achieve financial freedom,

  2. Develop a healthy lifestyle and

  3. Love the person you are and the life you live!

Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received:

Dear Sir James,

You and your lovely wife have certainly lit a fire beneath me, and I thank you for it. I just visited your website and was immediatley overwhelmed in the very best of ways, needless to say I have added it to MY favorites.

Thank you sooooooooo much

Marvin Crawford

"I am thankful for your support, because it inspired me all over again and I am happy to inform you that I got a major big project to do because of it! In July we will be chartering flights between Costa Rica and my home island Curaçao! My agency is in charge of all and that is our major breakthrough!

I just chatted with a friend of mine and after hearing my breakthrough and looking at other success stories on your page he is over the top excited and made the decision to start his own company! He wanted that for quite some time, but thought: "I 'only' studied for animations design, I can't start a company." That is so not true! Now he got all inspired, because he saw that it IS possible. He applied for a business courses and he will be starting his company at the end of next month! Isn't that great!"

Anouk Borrias
¡Catch! Travels

"Hello Juliana,

Thanks for the insightful FREE information you have provided to me via your newsletters. Many newsletters I have received in the past that are loaded with air. To list how much information you have provided that has been beneficial to me will be too exhausting. And thanks again for those free e-books."

Faye Cruz

I want to tell you how much I love your Doing Success webpage! It has really done a lot to turn me in the right direction for developing my business ideas!

Thanks for your help!

Merideth Pieper

James and I created this website because we want to share with others all that we have learned about what it takes to achieve success.

We have come to realize that achieving financial freedom and success begins with changing how one thinks.

The fact is that if you want to be successful in 3 years or less, you need an action plan!

There are two traits you must develop BEFORE you begin to put your plan into action. These traits that I am talking about do not have to take a long time to develop. In fact, you can make use of them right now, just by deciding that you want to!

A Burning Desire

  • How badly do you want to lose weight?
  • How badly do you want to retire?
  • How badly do you want to ensure that your children enjoy a future full of good choices?
  • How badly do you wish to be able to spend more time with your family and friends?
  • How badly do you wish to live success?

Are you willing to settle for the way things are right now? Do you tell yourself that it's not that bad? We are all guilty of settling for less at times. Usually we tell ourselves that it's because we don't have the time or the energy to strive for more, but deep down we know that it is often fear and self-doubt that prevents us from getting where we want.

In order to get through this fear and self-doubt, having a burning desire is essential. In other words, you're not willing to settle for less. You must have that which you strive for, because it is something you need. It is not just something that you would like to have, or something that you hope comes along some day. It is something that you will have, because you are NOT going to stop until you get it. That is how badly you want it!

A Deep Belief

You must have a deep belief that you will achieve your goals. If you don't believe it, you won't do it! Very often we try not to get our hopes too high about something just in case things don't work out. It's our mind's way of avoiding the pain that comes with disappointment.

Unfortunately when we think this way, we can almost be certain that we won't realize our true potential. I'm sure you've heard the line: "hope for the best, but expect the worst". Have you ever said that to yourself about anything? You may not have used those exact words, but have you ever found yourself thinking this way… hoping for something to go your way, but not wanting to get too exited about the prospect, just in case you get let down?

When you truly believe something, this sort of dilemma becomes a non-issue. To prove this, you can do an exercise. Think about something that you really have complete belief and faith in. For example, this could be your faith in another person such as a parent, spouse or child. When you think about this person, this person that you really believe in, do you feel afraid to trust them just in case they let you down? Or do you trust them implicitly, even though you know that they will inevitably make mistakes and let you down at some point in time.

I think this is one of the hardest qualities to cultivate, especially if you've been hit hard by life in the past. It's like recovering from a broken heart, and learning to trust and love again. You've got to tell yourself that you will succeed regardless of obstacles.

It's not a question of whether you will have doubts. Having doubts are a fact of life, but learning to push through those doubts or squash them altogether are crucial to success. Your faith and firm belief in achieving your goals will get you through both the external and internal trials that become apparent on your journey to success.

Putting It Together

Your burning desire for success and your firm belief that you will achieve success form the foundation for you actually reaching your goals. Everything else that follows is determined by how badly you want to achieve success and if you really think you can!

Everything else that comes afterwards -

  • the energy to persist in spite of temporary defeat;
  • the practical knowledge needed to achieve your goals;
  • the discipline to lay out a concrete plan;
  • the focus to follow that plan;
  • and the courage to act in the face of your own fears

- is driven by your burning desire and strong faith.

How do you maintain this foundation and ensure that you are able to persevere until your vision is your reality? Staying motivated can be challenging at times. Surrounding yourself with people who share your drive for success is essential in maintaining a strong foundation.

Sometimes friends and even family members may have your best interest at heart, but in thinking that they are protecting you from certain peril, they really only end up damaging your future with their negative comments and pessimistic outlook.

"Read books, listen to tapes, attend seminars... they are decades of wisdom reduced to invaluable hours."
- Mark Victor Hansen

Surround yourself with people that will motivate you and people that share your drive for success.

Below you will find a list of our Top 5 Foundational Resources that you absolutely MUST Read, Listen-to and Attend. This is just a list to get you started. In the Resources Section you will find an exhaustive list of our most highly recommended books, audiotapes and seminars.

You may have heard of most of these titles before, even if you have not read them. Look through the list and if there are any that you have not read, listened to or attended as yet, please take the time to find out how you can do so. We have conveniently provided links to more information on how you can invest in the books and audio series and attend the seminars.

Our Top 5 Foundational Resources that you Absolutely Must Read, Listen-to and Attend

Write this list down separating the seminars from the books/audio programs. Put the list in a place where you can see it everyday. As you read a book, listen to an audio program, or attend a seminar, cross that item off the list and add another seminar, book/audio program to the list.

Use our Resources to give you ideas of proven materials that have helped millions of people achieve success in all areas of their lives. Keep a journal to plan and chart your progress, as you read various books, listen to audio programs and attend seminars.

To make the best use of your journal, you have to figure out:
" Where you are today,
" Where you want to go
" The date by which you want to get there, and finally,
" How you are going to get there.

Where Are You Today?

Probably one of the reasons that you are reading this webapge and looking for information on how to be more successful is because you are not completely satisfied with every aspect of your life. We all have areas of our life that we wish to improve on, don't we?

Your family may be great, but you hate your job! You may be in a great financial position today, but you worry about your future if you were to lose your job or after you retire! You love your job, but you're fat and unhealthy! You have great friends and a great social life, but your relationship is in the dumps! When one thing is up, we can almost be certain that something else is down. Isn't that how life goes? It is truly is a peculiar thing.

Figuring out where you are today and what you want to change in your life is probably a pretty easy exercise for you. Most of us find it very easy to think about what we hate, what we can't stand, people that annoy us, what we're sick of. Many people spend most of their time complaining about what is wrong, rather than thinking about what needs to be changed in order to make things right.

Write down what you are dissatisfied with in your life. Are you too unhealthy? Are you too tired? Are you too fat? Are you too broke? Are you too unhappy in your relationship? Are you too out of touch with your spiritual side? Do you have too little time for your family and friends? Don't lie to yourself. I know these questions can seem harsh and invasive. It takes a lot of guts to be honest with yourself. You can do this exercise with someone who will be honest with you.

It's so easy for us to make excuses about our lives, so we don't feel too badly about what's not going right. After you've figured out where you are right now, daring to dream about where you want to go and where you will go is the fun and exciting part. At least for me, it always has and will be.

Where Do You Want to Go?

So, in answering those questions about where you are now, figuring out where you want to go should be pretty easy. For the most part, it is simply a matter of writing the opposite of where you are now. Even if you have some doubts about what you can achieve, still write down the exact opposite of what you are dissatisfied with.

For example, suppose you said that right now you love your job, but it is not enough to provide you with enough financial stability for yourself and your family. In deciding where you want to go in this particular area of your life, you would probably decide that you need to find another source (or other sources) of income in the amount of $X, which would provide you and your family with your desired level of financial stability. You want to achieve this by the date, X.

It is important that you be specific about exactly what you want. You should also set a definite date by which you want to achieve each goal.

Make sure that you set goals that are attainable, so that you don't set yourself up for failure. Using the example above, you may decide that, for you, ultimate financial freedom will be reached when your income is 10 times the amount of your expenses. Now if you want to live a $10,000 per month lifestyle, this would suggest that your income level would need to be at $100,000 per month.

If you are currently earning $2,500 per month, then earning $100,000 per month anytime in the near future will be a long shot at the moment. Perhaps aiming to double or triple your income over the next year would be more realistic.

I am not suggesting that it is impossible to increase your income by 10 times or more over the period of a year, but why set yourself up for failure? If you meet your goals, great! If you exceed them, even better! This is an exercise that you should do over and over, always setting your sights higher and higher.

How Are You Going to Get There?

I believe this is the hardest stage for most people. Do you agree? You know where you are, you know where you DON'T want to be, you know for sure where you WANT to be, but how on earth will you get there?

This is where most people put their tails between there legs, go hide in a corner, and settle for their lot in life. They settle for less, because it just seems so impossible, so far-fetched, to be really happy and successful.

This website is dedicated to providing you with the tools to figure out how you're going to get there, and also giving you the motivation and confidence to believe that you will get there! You have the drive, you have the enthusiasm, you're tired of the way things are, and you're ready to make a change! Since you're still reading, it's evident that you've already started making changes; you've already started looking for ways to improve your life.

You've already done more than a lot of people will ever do. You know... those people who sit and complain again and again about the way things are but never raise a finger to do anything about it. Anyway, you're obviously not one of those people, and for that you are to be praised!

So how do you get there?

That would depend on where you are going, or where you want to go.

Our resources will help you to:

  • Develop your personaI skills, such as communication and sales skills
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Recognize and overcome your fears
  • Take action in spite of your fears
  • Build and grow your own business
  • Learn to use investments that the wealthy use to grow and maintain their wealth
  • and the list goes on and on.

Learn about several authors, coaches, trainers and motivational speakers, such as:

  • Napoleon Hill
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Corey Rudl
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Robert Allen
  • Matthew Chan
  • And more

These are all people who have achieved tremendous success in many arenas - people who are "doing success"; people who have helped literally millions of people do success in many areas of their lives.

It is important not to take these authors and trainers for granted, because many of them started with NOTHING, and overcame great obstacles to achieve their wealth and freedom. Most of them were not born with silver spoons in their mouths, and many of them hit rock bottom before triumph was realized.

A Robert Kiyosaki Experience
Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim, were once homeless for several weeks. During this time, they lived in their car, and when a close friend realized their desperate situation, she offered them a room in her basement. There they lived for nine months... Four year later, they were millionaires...

To get the full story, read Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant, and the next time you use "not having money" as an excuse for not accomplishing something, think of Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and how they went from zero (and I mean zero) to millionaires in 4 years!

Below are links to major sections of our site geared towards helping you achieve success in your personal and business life:

  • Personal Development
    This page is dedicated to helping you:
    • Develop your self-confidence
    • Withstand criticism and negative influences
    • Conquer your fears and take action that results in success
    • Improve your personal skills such as communication skills
    • Find and maintain your focus
    • Develop and follow your plan for success
    • Achieve balance in all aspects of your life (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental)

  • Build Your Business
    This page is dedicated to helping you:
    • Start your own business
    • Grow your existing business
    • Develop critical business skills such as sales and leadership skills
    • Learn how to turn your business into an automated money-machine
    • Learn about businesses that others are using to retire young and become financially free

  • Investing
    This page is dedicated to teaching you about:
    • How to reduce your investment risk
    • How to turn your earned income into passive and portfolio income
    • How the best investors pick their stocks
    • How to invest in real estate

Visit these sections frequently to learn about the best information out there for achieving personal and financial freedom. We will constantly be adding more reviews and articles to assist you on your journey to freedom and success!

We applaude you for taking the first step in doing success. By reading this far, you have demonstrated that you are willing to learn more, you are willing to open your mind to positivity and close it to negativity, you are willing to invest in your education for success, you are willing to DO success!

We look forward to helping you to do just that... SUCCESS!

About the Doing Success Team

Doing Success comprises of two individuals who have been actively following the principles of success laid out by some of the world's greatest authors and success trainers.

Through our personal and financial education - gained through reading several books and courses and attending seminars - we have seen a dramatic difference in our own lives. We feel more confident and focused about our futures, and we feel successful. We know that the key to our success is in our own minds, and as long as we fill our minds with the positive and supporting thoughts, our continued success is guaranteed. As Napoleon Hill said,

it can

We have all personally seen tremendous transformations in people who have followed the principles of many of the coaches and mentors that we recommend on the Doing Success website.

At the same time, we have seen many who are depressed about their lives - lost, at a crossroad, not knowing which way to turn. We see many who have lost their jobs, lost their life's savings, lost their families, lost their ambition to keep striving for success, and worst of all, lost their hope.

We have also encountered many who have not lost their drive or ambition - those who have not lost anything - but they ARE looking for something; looking for success, and they don't know where to find it.

On the Doing Success website, we recommend resources (books, courses or seminars) that we have personally used. You have our assurance the resources on our site have not only been peronsally tried and stamped with our approval - but have also been tried and tested by millions of others, who, as a result, have seen amazing permanent changes for the better in their lives.

Our goal is to bring this information to you and others who are searching for success. Please visit our site frequently to learn about various resources that you can use to "do success" in your life, or join or site so that we can share exciting news and events directly with you via email. Let us know how your life has been affected. We look forward to learning about your journey to success.

Sincerely Yours,

James Jenkins & Juliana Blackett

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